Hear what your DNA has to tell you


Decodia analyzes your DNA and discovers facts about you.
In some cases, Decodia calculates the risk associated with certain genetically predisposed diseases.
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VarSome is a FREE search engine, aggregator and impact analysis tool for human genetic variation and a community-driven project aiming at sharing global expertise on human variants. It renders and displays a detailed annotation of the queried variant, including multiple notations, predicted pathogenicity status from a variety of tools, genomic context, as well as information from 35+ public databases. www.VarSome.com

Saphetor is clinically certified SaaS tool for variant discovery, annotation, and interpretation of NGS data for whole genomes, exomes, and gene panels, for individual samples, families, and cohorts. Saphetor leverages the aggregated knowledge of VarSome and allows you easily incorporate its features into your information flow through the means of APIs. It’s already deployed by dozens of institutional clients. www.Saphetor.com

Behind the Scenes

Tomas Kucera, Ph.D.

Tomas received a Ph.D. degree in molecular biology and biochemistry at Charles University in Prague in 2013. Prior to starting Decodia Me in 2018, Tomas founded and led as CEO for several years Koongo, SaaS tool for multichannel marketing, culminating in the successful sale of the business. Later, he worked for a private health genetic clinic where he was designing the algorithms for the risk assessment for genetic diseases and the underlying IT infrastructure. ‘Building Decodia Me is a great opportunity allowing me to combine my scientific background with my past experiences in the world of Internet technologies.

tomas.kucera@decodia.me | LinkedIn

Jaromir Muller, MSc.

Jaromir received a master degree in computer science at Czech Technical University in Prague in 2008 and since then has accumulated a wide range of skills in the diverse field of internet technologies. He’s been working for large international IT companies, serving the positions of a lead developer and team leader. He co-founded Koongo, SaaS tool for multichannel and cross-border marketing, and as its CTO designed the underlying hardware and software layers. ‘Building Decodia brings me up an exciting challenge, to build a scalable and robust multi-faceted platform for decoding human DNA.’

jaromir.muller@decodia.me | LinkedIn